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Custom Cable Assemblies

CMC is a California based, woman owned corporation that specializes in the manufacturing of standard and custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses. With over 20 years in the electronics industry, our staff has been involved in all aspects of design, manufacturing, and support. Our production facilities are ISO certified and UL listed. Contact us today and off-load your custom assemblies to our experienced staff.

Custom Cable Assembly

Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc.,

We can provide cables with flat ribbons, weatherproofing, and soldered terminations, among other features. We offer options of VGA and USB connector points. Other connectors can also be designed as per the requirement. Custom cable assemblies are used in assorted industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, military, and aerospace. Applications can range from multi-termination to point-to-point assemblies.

Custom D-Sub Cable Assembly

Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc.,

Our custom D-Sub cable assemblies are designed to meet unique requirements related to computers and communications. The cables can be provided in a range of gauges, from 24 to 30 AWG. They are designed with standard connectors, flexible PVC jackets, and braided copper and aluminum insulation shielding. We provide them for applications such as adapter boards, camera linking, printing machines, etc.

Custom Ethernet Assembly

Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc.,

Fluid and fast data transmission over a network is not possible without the right Ethernet cable assembly. At Carr Mfg., we provide custom Ethernet assemblies that can meet any network requirement. Our Ethernet cables are designed for large, high speed, and powerful networks. We offer Cat 5, 6, and RJ45 cable types. They can be used for military, video, voice, and data applications.

Custom LED Assembly

Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc.,

Custom LED assemblies provide solutions for a myriad of thermal, electrical, and mechanical requirements. Carr Mfg.’s LED assemblies provide a range of consistent LED luminosity outputs. Custom hardware and connectors help complete interconnect needs. They can be used with indicator panels in aerospace and defense. They are suitable for automotive navigation systems and interior lighting. They are ideal for panels used in telecommunications.

Custom Medical Assembly

Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc.,

Custom medical assemblies are known for their reliability, supporting equipment in emergency situations. Customers choose these products for their performance accuracy, and hygienic components and construction. The assembly is designed to provide consistent signal integrity, while providing performance in many areas. These include pulse oximetry, patient monitoring, and temperature monitoring. Custom medical assemblies can be used in digital medical inspections, pad printing, and robotic loading, among others.

Custom Power Assembly

Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc.,

As the name suggests, Power cable assemblies can be used to support custom power supplies equipment. They can support different voltage levels, while working with DC power supplies. Custom power assemblies can be designed as crimp-and-poke, soldering, and high voltage. Generally, these assemblies consist of simple jumpers. We can also design custom power assembly options for bared terminations.

Custom Power Cord

Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc.,

At Carr Mfg., we have the capabilities to provide custom power cords in a variety of sizes, types, and styles. We can design cords with custom ends, such as female 3 prong, mate and lock, and strip and tin, among others. We can also meet your custom color, jacket, and insulation requirements. They are designed for specific applications, such as water repulsion, and impact and pressure resistance.

Custom Sensor Assembly

Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc.,

Custom sensor assemblies can be provided in options such as transmitters, RTDS, and thermocouples. Depending on the application requirements, we can provide custom thermowells, fittings, multi axis sensors, and connection heads. Other customized options include tip sensitive heads, flame and explosion proof, and sanitary sensors. Custom sensor assemblies can be installed in equipment and applications of industrial, medical, transportation, testing, and aerospace.

Custom Switch Assembly

Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc.,

Custom switch assemblies can be made either from scratch, or by modifying existing assembly designs. We can take a range of requirements, including high density, rocker switches, sealed, and toggle switches. We can provide custom switches for projects with mid to high volume projects. If required, FPC and membrane requirements can also be taken care of. Our custom switch assemblies can be installed with existing or newly designed systems.


Cable Assembly for Aerospace

Aerospace / Military

CMC understands the extreme requirement that today's Aerospace and Military applications must meet.

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Industry Cable Assembly


CMC offers a wide arrange of product and services that meets the needs of today's industrial equipment.

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Medical Cable Assembly


CMC offers a wide variety of products and services for the Medical OEM market.

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Solar Energy Cable Assembly

Solar Energy

CMC offers a complete range of Solar Connectors and Cable Assemblies for use

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Transportation Cable Assembly


CMC offers a variety of custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses to the transportation industry.

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Complete Turn-Key Electronic Manufacturer

Carr Manufacturing Company (CMC) is a complete turn-key electronic manufacturer specializing in the manufacturing of custom electro-mechanical assemblies. We offer custom assembly solutions that include Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses, and Printed Circuit Board Assemblies designed to your specific application. Our unique approach to custom assembly manufacturing allows you to off-load your custom assembly worries to our experienced staff.


CMC works from your design and delivers a final product that continually meets or exceeds your specifications. From concept to completion, you work with a single source throughout your projects life cycle. CMC offers engineering and document support. No print? No problem. Our experienced staff will work with you and deliver a finished print to support your assembly needs.

Service and Quality

Above all, we know that one of the key products we can provide is unequalled service by supplying a product that meets or exceeds specification and by providing high quality products and services. Contact us today to find out how CMC can provide you with a cost effective solution for all of your outsourcing and custom cable assembly needs.