Understanding Cable Environmental Problems and their Preventive Measures

The importance of cabling systems in industrial organizations has grown over the years. In 2015, a market research report by IBISWorld stated that there are over 300 wire and cable manufacturers across America. These companies employ over 27,000 people, and earn an industry revenue of $416bn. Needless to say, the number of cabling systems being used across the country is an extremely large number. However, with many wire and cabling systems in use, there are bound to be a variety of health and s...

How to Find the Right Cable Assembly Manufacturer

cable assembly manufacturer
Continual advances in electronic equipment has transformed cable assembly manufacturing from a small requirement into a major industry. Today, various industries utilize electronic or electro-mechanical equipment, each requiring different designs, materials, and maintenance procedures. For customers, it is important that they find the right cable manufacturer to work with for their custom requirements. A cable manufacturer needs to have an understanding of the industry, the application, and the...

FAQs – Cable Assemblies for the Automotive Industry

Cable Assembly for the Automotive Industry
When it comes to the automotive industry, cable assemblies, otherwise known as wiring harnesses, are of paramount importance. As a customer of automotive cable assemblies, you might have several questions pertaining to these cable systems. This blog attempts to answer a few of the frequently asked questions. General FAQs Answered! The following are the general questions about the automotive wiring harness assemblies. What are the challenges faced by automotive cable assembly manufacturer...

Short Guide for Cable Assemblies

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Cable assemblies are needed in most industries and applications since many processes of an industry depend on high power requirements. A variety of types of cable assemblies is available in the market that can assist in different types of applications. Choosing the right type of assembly will ensure higher levels of efficiency and longer product life. What are Cable Assemblies? Cable assemblies consist of several cables, wires, and connectors assembled in a single unit. These assemblies help s...

FAQs about Cable Assemblies – For First Time Customers

  At Carr Mfg. Co., we get a number of first time clients who are interested in getting wire and cable harness assemblies designed for an application. We also get a number of enquiries from customers who are interested in our products, but do not have a lot of information on their design, operation, and benefits.To solve the queries of such customers, we are providing basic information about wire and cable harness assemblies in this post. Wire Harness and Cable Assembly FAQs : ...