Does your Application Really Need A Mil Spec Cable Assembly?

Mil Spec Cable Assembly
A mil spec cable assembly is one that has been manufactured according to military standards. These assemblies are lightweight, rugged, and durable, among other things. The materials used to manufacture military cable assemblies are also of the highest quality. These materials lower vibrations within an application, are more durable, and perform in accordance with military standards. However, not all applications require such specialized cable assemblies. Mil-spec wires can be a bit on the expens...

Cable Assemblies in Military Applications

Military Specification (MIL-SPEC) cable assemblies are designed to provide benefits of reliable performance and durability in demanding applications. The success of military equipment depends a great deal on the high signal integrity provided by the assemblies. Supporting Military Applications : MIL-SPEC cable assemblies can support personnel and equipment in various military applications. Here are a few examples: Soldier Worn Systems: Many devices are worn by soldiers on the field...