Custom D-Sub Cable Assembly

D-Sub cables and their assemblies are critical for establishing connections between components for computer and communications systems. D-Sub stands for D-Subminiature, which was the name given to the connectors when they were developed in the 1950s. Their name derived from their shape, which is like a sideways D and is designed to facilitate proper connection.

Before the design of USB and MDP ports, D-Sub ports and D-Sub connectors were the norm in computer and communications component connection. They provide connections for PCs, monitors, HDTVs, and video projectors. A D-Sub cable is sometimes referred to as a VGA cable, which is similar or the same depending upon its assembly.

The design of our D-Sub cable assemblies meets the unique requirements of computers and communications equipment. CMC, Inc., provides cables in a range of gauges from 24 to 30 AWG with braided copper and aluminum insulation shielding, flexible PVC jackets and standard connectors. Applications where our cable assemblies are common include adaptor boards, camera linking, and printer connection.

Our team at CMC caters to leading OEMs and suppliers by providing custom D-Sub cable assemblies to meet mid to high-volume applications. The unique full-service capabilities we have available allow us to control design, validation, tooling, and manufacturing of D-Sub assemblies in-house.

d-sub cable assembly

An Assortment of Custom D-Sub Cable Assemblies to Choose From

CMC offers a variety of D-Sub cable assemblies, providing shielded, double-shielded, and LSZH solutions. Our D-Sub cable assembly offerings also include null modem, serial, and DB9 cable assemblies, as well as additional custom options to meet the exact specifications of our customers.

Configuration options include:

  • DB9
  • DB15
  • DB25
  • DB37
  • DB50
  • & more!

CMC D-Sub cable assembly options include single-ended or double-ended constructions for standard and commercial D-Sub connectors. Further customize your assemblies by choosing your preferred shielding, jacketing, inner and outer molding, contact plating, and screw types.

Advantages & Benefits of D-Sub Connectors

With more advanced options available, many users may wonder why D-Sub connectors continue to be beneficial. D-Sub connectors provide a number of advantages that USB, USB-C and MDP connectors lack, including:

  • Firmer, More Secure Connection. The lock-down feature of D-Sub connections makes them the preferred option in a variety of applications, especially where jostling and vibration require a permanent and secure solution.
  • Greater Design Flexibility. Though many users are only aware of the 9-pin and 15-pin connectors, standard D-Sub cable assemblies range from 9-pins to 50-pins with high-density options that expand flexibility up to 78-pins. They also allow users to rewire, reconfigure, and fine-tune connections with greater ease.
  • More Cost Efficient. Both the materials used and the assembly of D-Sub cables cost less than other connection options.
  • Wider Variety of Connection Options. D-Sub cable assemblies come in PCB through-hole or surface mount configurations, allow for stacking, and provide filtering for high electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) environments. D-Sub cable termination options can include soldering, crimping, insulation displacement, wire wrapping, and mass termination. Combination connectors even allow for reducing the number of signal contacts to accommodate coaxial, high current or high voltage connections.
  • Broader Range of Applications. Because of their low cost and reliability, D-Sub connectors provide the best solution for a variety of media applications in television, gaming, and recording devices.
  • More Durable. The construction of D-Sub cables makes them more durable, especially for on-the-go applications in which wear from connection, disconnection, and re-connection is a common issue, or where jostling is likely.

D-Sub cable assemblies play an integral role in computer and communications equipment connectivity. Contact us to learn more about the mid to high-volume custom D-Sub cable assembly solutions Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc. can offer for your organization or to request a quote for your specific custom design.