Custom Ethernet Assembly

Fluid and fast data transmission over a network is not possible without the right Ethernet cable assembly. At Carr Manufacturing Company Inc., we provide custom Ethernet assemblies that can meet any network requirement. Our Ethernet cables are designed for large, high-speed, and powerful networks. We offer Cat 5, 6, and RJ45 cable types. They can be used for military, video, voice, and data applications.

CMC manufactures custom network cable assemblies for LANs/Computer Networking in diverse configurations, colors, and lengths. Our custom manufacturing facilities can help fulfill your requirements for Ethernet assembly. We offer comprehensive services from design and engineering to full production for manufacturing custom network cable assemblies.

Do You Need RJ45, Cat 5, or Cat 6 Cable?

There are multiple options to choose from when sourcing Ethernet cables. It’s critical to select cables that will accommodate the unique requirements of your facility. Here is a basic guide to the various cables and how each function.

Cat 5 Cable

First used in the 1990s, category 5 or Cat 5 cables use fifth generation, twisted-pair Ethernet technology and sees use in the broadest range of applications. Cat 5 produces Fast Ethernet speeds of up to 100 Mbps. There are two types of Cat 5 cables:

  • Solid cables support longer runs and best serve fixed wiring instances, such as office buildings.
  • Stranded cables provide greater pliability for shorter runs and quick, on-the-fly, or movable patch cable setups.

Though Cat 5 is a highly affordable and high-performance option, the recommended run-length for Cat 5 cables is 328 feet (100 meters) due to signal interference issues. Gigabit Ethernet has largely replaced Fast Ethernet, running data rates at 10 times its speed. However, an enhanced option using all four copper wire pairs rather than only two—known as Cat 5 enhanced (Cat 5e)—still allows for the use of Cat 5 cable in settings where replacing existing cable with Cat 6 cable is too costly.

Cat 6 Cable

Sixth generation twisted pair Ethernet cabling is more commonly referred to as Cat 6. Cat 6 cables support Gigabit Ethernet at data rates of one gigabit per second (1000 Mbps). Cat 6 is backwards compatible with both Cat 5 and Cat 5e standard cables, but Cat 6 cables can accommodate 10 Gigabit Ethernet speeds over limited distances.

Cat 6 cable has faced some adoption challenges due to its higher manufacturing costs. Cat 6 also has crosstalk or signal interference limitations, as it can only provide its highest level of performance in runs of 164 feet (50 meters) or less on a single cable.

Cat 5 vs. Cat 6

Though each has varying performance capabilities, both use the same RJ-45 end to connect to computers, servers, routers, or other devices. Due to their different capabilities, Cat 5 and Cat 6 support different parts of an overall network system. Their higher capacity balanced with their short range and higher cost make Cat 6 cables the ideal choice for network backbones, but Cat 5 or Cat 5e cables tend to be the preferred choice for runs to individual workstations.

RJ45 Cable

With a RJ45 connection on each end, both Cat 5 and Cat 6 are often labeled as RJ45 cables. RJ45 ends are the standardized networking interface using an eight-pin connector, which includes eight separate wires. Each of these eight wires corresponds to the four twisted pairs included in Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables.

ethernet cable guide

Industries Served

Each application includes its own specialized needs and requirements. The team at Carr has the necessary expertise to accommodate the unique requirements of a broad range of industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Communications
  • Military
  • Automotive

Custom Ethernet Assembly Manufacturing Capabilities

Our Ethernet cable assembly manufacturing capabilities range from small orders to volume productions. You can contact us for:

  1. UTP and STP cable, patch panels, and jacks.
  2. Indoor/Outdoor Cat 6 & Cat 5e Patch Cords
  3. Standard 10 Gig Patch Cords/ Cat 6a, Cat 6, Cat 5e, Cat 5 cable, and connectors
  4. Burial LAN cables such as ScTP Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables
  5. Combustible Ethernet cable of categories 5, 5e, 5E, 6e, and 6E
  6. Marine and military Ethernet cable assemblies with custom design, lengths, color, connector options, and jacketing
  7. Industrial Ethernet cable assemblies including Industrial Cat 6a STP, Industrial Cat 6 Patch Cables, Industrial Cat 6a UTP, Industrial Cat 5 Patch Cables, and Industrial Cat 5e Patch Cables
  8. Custom network patch cords with custom length, printing, and packaging
  9. Different types of shielding and connector options
  10. Custom Ethernet cables with angled connectors
  11. Wholesale and custom network patch cable manufacturing

Contact us to learn more about our custom Ethernet cable assembly solutions!