Custom Ethernet Assembly


Fluid and fast data transmission over a network is not possible without the right Ethernet cable assembly. At Carr Manufacturing Company Inc., we provide custom Ethernet assemblies that can meet any network requirement. Our Ethernet cables are designed for large, high speed, and powerful networks. We offer Cat 5, 6, and RJ45 cable types. They can be used for military, video, voice, and data applications.

CMC manufactures custom network cable assemblies for LANs / Computer Networking in diverse configurations, colors, and lengths. Our custom manufacturing facilities can help fulfill your requirements for Ethernet assembly. We offer comprehensive services from design and engineering to full production for manufacturing custom network cable assemblies.

Our superior Ethernet cable design and engineering, as well as quality manufacturing, and on-time deliveries help us stand out. Along with that excellent customer support and low prices, make us the most sought after manufacturer of custom Ethernet assembly. Some of our valuable partners include OEMs, ODMs, network installers, system integrators, government, and private contractors in the USA, and other countries.


Our custom Ethernet assembly manufacturing capabilities range from small orders to volume productions. You can contact us for:

  1. UTP and STP cable, patch panels, and jacks.
  2. Indoor/Outdoor Cat6 & Cat5e Patch Cords
  3. Standard 10 Gig Patch Cords / CAT 6A, CAT 6, CAT5E, CAT5 cable and connectors
  4. Burial LAN cables such as ScTP Cat5E and Cat6 cables
  5. Combustible Ethernet cable of categories 5, 5e, 5E, 6e and 6E
  6. Marine and military Ethernet cable assemblies with custom design, lengths, color, connector options, and jacketing
  7. Industrial Ethernet cable assemblies including Industrial Cat6A STP, Industrial Cat6 Patch Cables, Industrial Cat6A UTP, Industrial Cat5 Patch Cables and Industrial Cat5E Patch Cables
  8. Custom network patch cords with custom length, printing, and packaging
  9. Different types of shielding and connector options
  10. Custom Ethernet cables with angled connectors
  11. Wholesale and custom network patch cable manufacturing

Contact us for all sorts of requirements for Ethernet cables and assemblies, our either call us at 949-716-1840, or email your enquiries at