Custom Power Assembly

Custom Power Assembly

At Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc., we build custom power assemblies for a wide range of industries and applications. We partner with our clients to customize stock power supplies or create fresh solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Custom power assemblies provide solutions for a myriad of thermal, electrical, and mechanical requirements. Carr Mfg.’s power assemblies provide a range of consistent power luminosity outputs. Custom hardware and connectors help complete interconnect needs. They can be used with indicator panels in aerospace and defense. They are suitable for automotive navigation systems and interior lighting. They are ideal for panels used in telecommunications.


CMC is a full-service designer and manufacturer of top-quality, custom power assemblies. We work seamlessly with OEM’s to deliver solutions that meets both their technical and budgetary needs.

CMC brings a decade of experience to every step of the assembly building process. Whether you need a prototype in a limited time or assistance with an ongoing project, we have the expertise to get your job done right, within time and at the best price. We take pride in the fact that the moment you hand over us the project, you can be rest assured that you’ll receive only the best in return.


The following aspects make us the most sought after custom power assembly manufacturer:

  1. Custom Design and Engineering: Custom engineering allows us to offer proven solutions that are as unique as your application requirements.
  2. Efficient Prototyping: We promise quick prototypes and rapid turnarounds that allow us to implement changes or modifications without incurring any delays.
  3. Cost-effective Manufacturing: We use only the best resources and components, yet deliver solutions that fit within your budget.
  4. Overseas Capabilities: Our northern Mexico plant allows us to fulfill mid to high volume requirements at reduced costs.
  5. Effective Troubleshooting: Our experienced engineers are always prepared to troubleshoot your application to find actionable solutions and resolve issues.
  6. Evaluation Testing: Rigorous testing helps ensure that your custom power assembly meets desired applicable standards.

Contact us to discuss your custom power supply and assembly needs today. You can call us at 949-716-1840, or email at