Custom Power Cord


At Carr Mfg., we have the capabilities to provide custom power cords in a variety of sizes, types, and styles. We can design cords with custom ends, such as female 3 prong, mate and lock, and strip and tin, among others. We can also meet your custom color, jacket, and insulation requirements. They are designed for specific applications, such as water repulsion, and impact and pressure resistance.

Performance, functionality, and highest quality are paramount in every power cord manufactured at Carr Mfg. Our expertise lies in creating sophisticated, technically challenging cords that are engineered to the customer’s specifications. Whether you need cord for industrial machines, computers, medical devices, or any other application; there’s no connection too complicated for Carr Mfg. to engineer.

Moreover, you can choose from an astounding range of jacketing and connector options that would best suit your application needs.


We generally offer the following types of power cords. However, we can create custom cords to exactly meet your application needs.

  • 2 Conductor Cords
  • 3 Conductor Cords
  • Retractile Electronic Cords
  • Hospital Grade Cords
  • Retractile Power Cords
  • Unshielded Cords
  • International Cords
  • Foil Shielded Cords
  • Detachable Cords
  • Jumper Power Cord

We cater to all types of industries including Aerospace, Agriculture, IT, Communication, Automotive, Military, Gaming, Energy, and many more.

Looking to have a custom cable or power cord made? We have a great team that can configure all sorts of cables that you need. Well, if you don’t know what you need, don’t worry! The experienced and talented engineers at Carr Mfg. will assist in creating the right product for your applications.

You just simply need to call us at 949-716-1840, or email your queries at You will need to provide a few details regarding your application requirements. And, the rest will be taken care by our executives.