Custom Sensor Assembly


CMC or the Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc., excels in manufacturing custom sensor assemblies that are accurate, rugged, and easy-to-install. We can design and produce assemblies that can effortlessly fit into your existing processes or equipment.

Custom sensor assemblies can be provided in options such as transmitters, RTDS, and thermocouples. Depending on the application requirements, we can provide custom thermowells, fittings, multi axis sensors, and connection heads. Other customized options include tip sensitive heads, flame and explosion proof, and sanitary sensors. Custom sensor assemblies can be installed in equipment and applications of industrial, medical, transportation, testing, and aerospace.

Our experienced engineers understand that it is important to provide customers exactly what they want. Therefore, they put all their knowledge and efforts to meet your requirements and specifications for sensor assemblies.


  1. Shorter Development Cycles: Samples or prototypes are provided within the shortest time possible, allowing us in getting quick approvals and proceeding with the final manufacturing phase.
  2. Wide Range of Sensing Elements: We source only the best components and elements from our trusted sources.
  3. Wide Range of Options: We offer a range of customization options in terms of housings, molding, shielding, jacketing, etc.
  4. Comprehensive Process: Your custom sensor assembly is supplied complete, tested, and ready to install in your system, giving you complete confidence.
  5. Reliability: All custom sensor assembly designs and concepts are manufactured in ISO accredited facilities, and fully tested to pre-agreed parameters.

We ensure cost-effective assembly solutions for the application environment. Our expertise means that you can leave the sensor assembly development in our hands, knowing you will get the best possible results.

Contact us for your requirements regarding custom sensor assemblies. You can contact us via call on 949-716-1840, or email your queries at