Custom Switch Assembly

Custom switch assemblies can be made from scratch or by modifying existing assembly designs. We can work with a range of requirements, including high density, rocker switches, sealed, and toggle switches. Additionally, we can provide custom switches for projects with mid- to high-volume projects. If required, FPC and membrane requirements can also be taken care of. Our custom switch assemblies can be installed with existing or newly designed systems.

custom switch assembliesCustom Switch Assemblies Produced to Your Specifications

A switch assembly permits users to turn a device on and off. Switches often work electronically, but there are also magnetic, optical, and pneumatic options available. Operators interact with the device through a push and pull, toggle, or momentary mechanism. The principle behind a switch function is an electrical circuit. When the switch is set to off, the circuit opens to break the electrical current. When the switch is set to on, the circuit closes, and electrical currents flow through the circuit.

Manufacturers from around the nation rely on our proven expertise in creating user-specific and cost-effective switch assemblies. We offer comprehensive services that include design, prototyping, manufacturing, and support for the utmost in customer satisfaction. Our design team transforms your ideas and specifications into prototypes and tests them at our state-of-the-art facility. We cater to customers with distinct requirements ranging from commercial to military-grade specifications.

Types of Switches

Carr Manufacturing Company delivers a vast range of switch assembly capabilities. We offer assembly services for the following switch types:


Prevalent in household light switches, toggles use a lever and actuator design to close and open the circuit.

Push Button

Sometimes called push switches, these electro-mechanical switches have an actuator that allows users to press the switch to close the circuit. When the switch is pressed again, a spring ejects the actuator to re-open the circuit.


The actuator can be turned to an on or off position with a rotary or lever device, allowing the circuit to open and close.


Joystick switches allow one or more contacts to be connected using an actuated joystick that moves in several directions.


Limit switches rely on a range of actuators to provide output signals to a controller. They have a similar design to a toggle but are the preferred choice for industrial conditions.


Proximity switches use magnetic or electromagnetic frequencies to detect approaching machinery. The switch actuator opens the circuit when heavy metallic machinery is within a certain proximity. They can also use optical technology to detect light changes with a photocell or light source. Sophisticated switches may also use a coil similar to a metal detector, increasing the energy in the switch as machinery approaches to trip the current.

Various industries rely on switch assemblies. At Carr Manufacturing, we deliver custom switch assemblies for the following sectors:

  • Appliances
  • Brake Systems
  • Cranes
  • Emergency Stop
  • Hydraulics
  • Motors
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Speed Controls
  • Transformers
  • & More!

Carr Manufacturing Company for Custom Switch Assembly

Carr Manufacturing has the capability, experience, resources, and willingness to design a custom switch assembly to perfection. We can customize a standard product to meet your specific application needs thanks to our team of skilled professionals implementing simple design modifications. We can also develop a new, cost-effective solution that meets the parameters of our client’s specific application.

View our project gallery to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities, or contact us today and let the expertise of our engineering team design custom switch assemblies that will perfectly fulfill your needs!