Custom Switch Assembly


Custom switch assemblies can be made either from scratch, or by modifying existing assembly designs. We can take a range of requirements, including high density, rocker switches, sealed, and toggle switches. We can provide custom switches for projects with mid to high volume projects. If required, FPC and membrane requirements can also be taken care of. Our custom switch assemblies can be installed with existing or newly designed systems.


Carr Mfg., popularly known as CMC, has the capability, experience, resources and willingness to design a custom switch assembly to perfection. We can also customize a standard product to meet your specific application needs. In most cases, our skilled professionals achieve this with a simple design modification. Although, we can also develop a new, cost effective solution that meets the parameters of our client’s specific application.

Manufacturers from all over the US rely on CMC for our expertise in creating user specific and cost-effective switch assemblies. We offer comprehensive services that include design and prototyping and manufacturing to support for utmost customer satisfaction. Our design team transforms your ideas and specifications into prototypes and test them at our state-of-the-art unit at Foothill Ranch, California. This allows us to cater to customers with distinct requirements ranging from commercial to military grade specifications.

Contact us today and let our engineering team use their expertise to design custom switch assemblies that will fulfil your specific application needs perfectly.

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