A Look at the Various Testing Procedures Used by Cable Assembly Manufacturers

The manufacturing of cable assemblies and wire harnesses involves a variety of processes to ensure the final product’s strength, function, and performance. One of the critical processes is cable assembly testing. The goal of this testing process is to ensure that the product will meet or even exceed the application and industrial specifications. But what are the testing procedures performed on industrial wire and cable assemblies. We answer this question with this post. 4 Cable Assembly Testing...

An Overview of Insulating Materials Supporting Industrial Cable Assemblies

industrial cable assembly
Industrial cable assemblies are ought to operate under high stress conditions, containing elevated temperatures, dust, moisture content, harsh chemicals and solvents. To withstand all these unfavorable industrial conditions, individual cables must be insulated in an assembly. A good insulation not only protects cable assemblies from the harshest environments, but also enhances their service life. This blog is meant to familiarize you with the commonly used insulation materials in industrial cab...