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Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc., generally referred to as CMC, is a women-owned California based corporation that specializes in manufacturing and custom cable assembly solutions. CMC proudly serves local as well as overseas clients with UL listed cable assemblies. Our products are built in either of our two ISO Compliant manufacturing locations at Southern California and Northern Mexico.

Recently, one of our esteemed clients contacted us for assistance regarding the production of a complex control enclosure. The project was time sensitive, and different manufacturers needed to collaborate at the same time to accomplish the job.

Challenge Faced

The client needed to produce a complex control enclosure for a time sensitive project. Multiple manufacturers and products were needed to come together at the right time in order to achieve the desired result within a compressed production schedule.

Solution Offered

This was not the first time we were handling such a project where we needed to take care of the entire production process. So, we immediately allotted a team of experienced engineering and production staff to the project.

The control enclosure consisted of;

1. Custom sheet metal
2. Custom printed circuit board
3. Custom harnessing
4. Cable assemblies

CMC coordinated with multiple vendors to procure the custom items and raw materials needed to assemble the final enclosure. Along with that, our engineers continued with the manufacture of cables and assemblies required for the project. By managing the entire material flow, CMC was able to pre-assemble many items in advance of others in order to minimize the entire production cycle time.