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Custom Wire Harness Manufacturer

Wire Harness

A wire harness bundles wires, connectors, and terminals to transmit power and information. They provide a convenient and functional method of organizing individual cables and wires and support equipment in a broad spectrum of applications and industries.

Carr Manufacturing is proud to be a woman-owned wire harness manufacturer. We provide fully customized wire harness manufacturing for all applications and maintain all relevant quality certifications such as ISO 9001, RoHS, and UL.

Carr Manufacturing Offers Custom Wire Harness Assemblies

Custom Wire Harness

Carr Manufacturing has specialized in flexible wire harness development for nearly a decade. We prioritize flexibility and collaboration, working with your existing design team and concepts to ensure full input at every stage of the process. 

Our process begins with an initial consultation. At this meeting, we work to get a sense of the necessary timelines and specifications, establishing an agreeable set of project guidelines. Our skilled engineers then generate a design proposal that satisfies all requirements, converting this design into a prototype as soon as it is approved. Once the prototype is approved by our customer we can move into the manufacturing process.

Carr customizes this process to facilitate a wide range of applications. We have experience with standard harness boards, intricate robotics, and even rugged military applications. Our capabilities extend to the following industries, including specialty harness services for industries with stringent specifications:

  • Medical
  • Robotics
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and gas

Wire Harness Cable Assembly Process

Applications for Wire Harnesses

While Carr Manufacturing can accommodate any wire harness design requirements, there are certain business sectors that rely more heavily on our services. We currently serve customers in the following critical industries: 

Military and Aerospace

Military and aerospace vehicles require specialty cables and wiring that can withstand extreme temperatures, altitudes, and environments. These extra-rugged assemblies are found in aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, military vehicles, and more. 


Most heavy farm equipment uses wiring harnesses, including tractors, cultivators, sorters, and balers. We use UV- and chemical-resistant cables with durable fastenings to protect agricultural harnesses from the impact of heavy use and exposure to outdoor elements, ensuring that harnesses work at full capacity all season.


Wiring harnesses for robotics often present complex design and manufacturing challenges. The assemblies are often small and intricate, but must still be durable and flexible enough to accommodate the robot’s full, repeated range of motion. At Carr Manufacturing, we possess the precision equipment and experience necessary to create even the most complex wire harnesses.

Oil and Gas

It would be difficult to create an exhaustive list of harness applications in the oil and gas industry: derricks, wells, platforms and telemetry systems all rely on such assemblies in multiple ways. For these intense applications, we prioritize durability, corrosion resistance, easy installation, and maintenance in our designs.


The telecommunications industry commissions some of the most rugged wire harnesses available. These applications require cabling that can withstand high loads of data and electricity while standing up to environmental wear. To prevent outages, Carr’s temperature-resistant wiring is encased in NEMA 6P and IP67-rated housing, which provides sturdy protection from dust and moisture.


Automotive applications present unique challenges, often encompassing miles of wiring that must be installed properly to prevent electrical failures. For this reason, all vehicles, whether consumer, commercial, or industrial, require expert wire harness manufacturing. 


The medical industry presents multiple custom wire harness challenges, especially since malfunctions can cause patient injury or even death. Harnesses for electro-medical equipment, irradiation apparatus, and in-vitro diagnostic equipment must be designed for high signal integrity with an emphasis on reliability. Many of the medical harnesses we manufacture use Teflon or silicone for durability and feature specialty safety jacks, bio-sensitive components, and disposable elements.

OEM Manufacturing

Wiring harnesses facilitate many manufacturing processes, including robotic assembly methods and yield enhancement equipment. Specialized harnesses in this industry can protect product quality while also increasing operational efficiency.

Flexible Design Processes at CMC

Our design process can be tailor-fit according to a client’s working model:

  1. We can work with your designers or designs to create the product
  2. We can employ our in-house team of designers to design and prototype products that are the perfect fit for your application
  3. In case you don’t have any design details or sketches, we can use a sample product like an existing wire harness to manufacture a product with matching capabilities.

We follow a transparent customization process that helps us design and manufacture custom cable assemblies that exceed client expectations:

Flexible Design Processes at CMC

Consult Carr For Custom Wire Harnesses

Carr Manufacturing draws on a transparent design process and decades of electronics experience to deliver the highest quality custom harnesses on the market. We work within the constraints of your industry and application to ensure that every component is optimized for your specific operational needs.

For more information about our services and capabilities, please request a quote or contact us with specific questions.

Custom Wire Harness Manufacturer