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Custom Cable Assembly and Wire Harness Manufacturer

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Carr Manufacturing Company is among the leading wire harness manufacturers, delivering high-performance cable assembly and wire harness products to various industries. We're a woman-owned business, striving to provide consistent quality results that meet our client's stringent specifications while driving success to their projects. With our cost-productive cable harness fabrication, you can offload your cable assemblies and wire harnesses to our team of expert engineers.

Services and Capabilities at Your Disposal

We specialize in a broad range of services and capabilities for your numerous industrial applications:

Industries We Work With

Our comprehensive and innovative solutions allow us to provide specialty outcomes for demanding industries in custom electro-mechanical components and parts, such as cable assemblies, regardless of the job's complexity and volume.


In aerospace and aircraft applications, custom parts and components are required to ensure optimal functionality in highly critical conditions. CMC provides top-notch cable assemblies and wire harnesses to meet the specialized needs of this industry.


CMC delivers industrial-standard products with precision and accuracy to support the varying production processes found in industrial projects and operations.


We focus on conforming to the tight regulatory standards set by the medical industry by manufacturing custom solutions that improve safety and performance in medical applications.


Our varied capabilities and services allow us to achieve the various prerequisites for transportation industries. With the sector’s substantial impact on modern society, our solutions guarantee longevity and quality in every project.


We deeply understand the challenging requirements of the military industry. Therefore, we design and develop resilient cable assemblies that can withstand the stressful settings common in military operations.

Choose CMC for Unrivaled Quality

We specialize in unparalleled turnkey services that allow us to work with your design to realize your vision. With our unique approach to cable harness fabrication, you can trust us to produce and deliver a finished outcome based on your requirements.

By allowing us to address any issues in your project’s design and implementation, we can save you time and money while delivering quality products that meet your project’s needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our extensive range of services. As leading wire harness manufacturers, we strive for a collaboration that will improve your bottom line!

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