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Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc., is among ingenious corporations specializing in the manufacturing and assembly of custom cable assembly solutions. CMC has been serving customers across the US since 2006. The industries we serve range from aerospace military, and telecommunications, to medical, energy, and agriculture. Every so often we encounter some challenging projects, and that is when our true potential is realized.

Recently, one of our aerospace customers was designing a new navigation pod for implementation into existing airframes. They contacted us regarding a retrofit solution for existing cable assembly designs..

Challenge Faced

The newly designed navigation pod was slightly larger than the existing pod. Also, it was fastened to the airframe at a different location. For this reason, all internal cable assemblies required longer lengths, while, the external assemblies needed shortened lengths. Along with this, the new assemblies had to be created to accommodate new equipment into the existing airframes. The final assemblies were delivered after the client had developed all new drawings and schematics. Unfortunately, they did not fit correctly due to unforeseen routing issues

Solution Offered

As soon as the issue was reported by the client, CMC’s engineers came into action. We requested the client to ship the pod to our state-of-the-art production facility at Foothill Ranch, CA. Our engineering and production staff routed each wire, measured the length, and made a mock up assembly. Once each mock up assembly was produced, all the assemblies were routed in their final location and rechecked for fitting. Slight alterations were made and verified for confirmation. Eventually, the final dimensions were forwarded to the client along with the formal drawings. On receiving the client’s approval, production of the customized cable assemblies was commenced.

Result Obtained

Due to the preparedness of the Engineering and Production team at CMC, the issue was solved in no time. Also, the client was able to keep the project on track, and accomplish the desired project without any delays. The client was in all praises for the earnestness shown by CMC. He went on to state, “Without CMC’s help, we were faced with several rounds of trials and errors that could have potentially caused serious delays in rolling out our project. Fortunately, we were able to reduce our R&D time and maintain our original schedule”.