Testing Medical Cable Assemblies to Ensure Optimum Product Quality

Medical Cable Assemblies
From diagnostics and treatment to therapeutic equipment, medical grade cable assemblies are inevitably used. They form an essential component when it comes to the assembly of laboratory analysis equipment, imaging systems, surgical and medical instrumentation, dental lab equipment, and diagnostic apparatuses, among several others. Medical cable solutions are available with specialized features such as steam sterilization soaker caps used to withstand chemical sterilization, sealed connectors for...

4 Major Areas Where Medical Cable Assemblies are Vital

Medical Cable Assembly
The medical industry requires specialized cable assemblies to manufacture devices and equipment of several types. They are an indispensable component used in the assembly of diagnostic equipment and imaging systems to sophisticated surgical robots. They are available in a wide range of specifications for applications across several areas of the health care industry. This blog is meant to familiarize you with the four major areas where medical grade cable assemblies are indispensable. Applicati...

Points to Remember when Designing Custom Medical Cable Assemblies

medical cable assembly
With increasing dependence on electronic equipment, there is a huge need for cable assemblies that are reliable in performance, and durable in service. One industry that depends immensely on cable assemblies is the medical sector. Diagnostic equipment like ECG and EKG, imaging systems like X-ray, CT, MRI, PET, as well as automated laboratory machines and systems depend on medical cable assemblies for support. Points for Custom Cable Assembly Design Every cable assembly is different...