Types of Industrial Cable Assembly as Per the Applications

industrial cable assembly
A cable assembly can be defined as a collection of wires and/or cables grouped into a single unit with connectors attached at both or any one end. In industrial as well as other applications, cable assemblies are used to connect different types of equipment and instruments with each other. At times, the required connectors and wire configurations can be very specific depending on the nature of the application. Therefore, when selecting industrial cable assemblies, it is important to consider th...

Why Use High Speed Cables in Industrial Applications

Industrial Cable
High speed cable assemblies can provide a variety of benefits to applications, which require high speed contact for the transfer of electricity and data. These cables are designed to provide superior electrical performance in applications. They consist of shielding made from durable materials, which can virtually eliminate any kind of external interference. One of the most common examples of high speed cable assemblies is fiber optics. They can be used in a variety of applications, including mi...