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Why Use High Speed Cables in Industrial Applications

September 24, 2015

Why Use High Speed Cables in Industrial Applications

High speed cable assemblies can provide a variety of benefits to applications, which require high speed contact for the transfer of electricity and data. These cables are designed to provide superior electrical performance in applications. They consist of shielding made from durable materials, which can virtually eliminate any kind of external interference.

One of the most common examples of high speed cable assemblies is fiber optics. They can be used in a variety of applications, including military, data storage, avionics, and telecommunications. They can also be used for I/O, micro pitch, and space saving purposes.

Features of High Speed Cables

When purchasing high speed cable assemblies, there are some basic points that need to be considered.

  • Design: Generally, the cables are manufactured in a flat ribbon design. This design allows for an extremely tight bend radius and multiple folds. Flat Ribbon design makes the cables small in size, thus saving space in cramped applications.
  • Pitch: A single high speed cable can be designed with different pitches. The reason for this is that one cable can be attached with multiple connectors for application use. High speed cable assemblies consist of cables with pitches ranging anywhere between 0.50mm to 2.54mm.
  • Connectors: High speed cables can be manufactured with male as well as female connectors. Signal and power connectors can also be installed along with these cables, as well as metric power headers and sockets.
  • Signal and Power: These cables are designed with strong shielding to ensure that there is minimal to no data or electrical power loss. The stronger the shielding, the higher the transmission performance. In power applications, the shield stops noise from being expelled. In signal applications, the cables prevent noise from hindering the application’s performance. These features makes high speed cables particularly useful for sensitive applications.

How Do High Speed Cables Support Applications?

Cables can ensure high-speed delivery without causing congestion of any kind. The cables are manufactured with high density levels without sacrificing efficiency. This allows them to provide excellent high-speed application performance. High speed cables also eliminate the need to use multiple cables for an individual application.

High speed cable assemblies can provide inimitable performance in industrial and commercial applications. They are designed to provide value in terms of space saving, reduced costs, and great value.

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