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Industrial Applications of Box Builds

Box Builds and Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

When a wire harness is connected into a physical panel or box, then the resulting product is box builds/electro mechanical assembly. Available in varying sizes and complexities, the assembly serves a variety of applications across industries. Here, in this blog, applications of box builds are listed.

Box Builds – Industries Served

Box builds support the assembly of a wide range of equipment, and systems across industries. Below are listed some of the industries that utilize electro mechanical assembly.

  • IndustryMedical

Applications – Radiology and medical imaging equipment, mobile diagnostic stations, ophthalmic systems, patient care and monitoring equipment, gynecology / obstetrics tools and surgical robots.

  • Industry – Automotive

Applications – Head lights, air conditioning, battery, ignition systems, wipers, brake lights, power door locks, and power windows among others.

  • Industry – Military

Applications – Custom testing fixtures, weapon systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, tactical equipment, system control devices, armed robotic vehicles, and combat vehicles.

  • Industry –Defense

Applications – Artillery and missile systems, utility helicopters, unmanned combat aerial vehicles, multi caliber individual weapon systems, avionic controls, and gauges, among others.

  • Industry – Aerospace

Applications – Cockpit instrumentation, navigation systems, in-flight entertainment systems, flight simulators, and communication systems.

  • Industry – Electronics

Applications – Data transfer devices, home security and automation systems, Touchscreen POS (point of sale) systems, switch and sensors, and flat panel displays.

  • Industry – Agriculture

Applications – Grain analysis and dispensing systems, self-guidance and grain levelling systems, mobile spray and soil maintenance systems, harvesting and threshing equipment, and water lifting devices.

Partner with the Trusted Manufacturer to Build High Quality Assemblies

Several manufactures can produce quality box builds to integrate in your products. Consider partnering with a manufacturer that is experienced to provide solutions according to your requirements and expectations.