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3 Common Issues for OEMs When Assembling a Box Build

June 17, 2021

Offering assemblies for diverse applications from telecommunications to aerospace, Carr Manufacturing Company is a woman-owned corporation providing custom assembly solutions since 2006. Our two ISO Compliant production facilities in Southern California and Northern Mexico allow us to manufacture your box builds at competitive prices and a variety of production volumes. No matter what unique specifications you’re looking for in your custom box build, we have the experience and the capacity to get it done.

At the most basic level, a box build consists of electrical components contained in some form of enclosure. Although this setup seems simple, there are several common issues that arise when assembling a box build.

What Are the Most Common Issues with Box Build Assemblies?

Issues with these assemblies can come up unexpectedly during any stage of the production process, but a few of the most common problems include:

#1 The Source of the Enclosure

One of the first steps of box build assembly is sourcing an enclosure with the right price point, durability, texture, and any other material properties that might be important for your particular application (i.e., waterproofing, heat tolerance, etc.). The two main options are designing a custom enclosure or selecting an off-the-shelf option.

Off-the-shelf options have lower unit prices and minimum order requirements, but they will also limit custom functionality. When choosing premade box builds for an intense usage environment, you’ll need to soak test and/or stress screen the product. Custom box builds, on the other hand, require less testing since they will be built for your unique needs; however, they come at a higher price point and take more time to source.

#2 Poor Documentation

Whether you choose an off-the-shelf solution or design your own custom assembly, you must double-check that all of the appropriate documentation is in place. A detailed written history of all CAD drawings, versions, tolerances, and BOMs will make it easier to backtrack in the process when issues arise. Additionally, documentation about the box build’s components and assembly techniques will drastically simplify the maintenance and repair process.

#3 Inadequate Testing Procedures

Proper testing for box build assembly includes robust examination of both the enclosure and the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Soak testing and stress screening, as mentioned before, are common techniques for testing an entire box build’s fitness for the desired environment.

Soak testing determines the software’s performance when placed under an intense data load, while stress screening takes this a bit further by pushing the product to its breaking point to determine where failures may occur. These tests, as well as PCB-specific tests like boundary scans, in-circuit tests (ICTs), and flying probes, are essential for ensuring the real-world viability of your product.

Additional Considerations

Besides these three major issues, there are other common problems that may impact the success of your box builds. One crucial consideration is selecting the best box build assembly company. Production volume, past experience, technical capabilities, and included services are all things to consider when outsourcing a box build. Here at Carr Manufacturing Company, we check all of those boxes with almost two decades of experience in system design, sub-level product assembly, testing, and more.

Consider also the Bill of Materials (BOM) for your project. The BOM is particularly important when outsourcing to a box build assembly provider, and it provides a detailed description of the components, materials, and parts required to build your product. This helps your partners find the appropriate products for manufacturing, and it also gives your team a clear sense of the cost, space, and sourcing requirements for your build.

Learn More About Our Box Build Assembly Services

Box bBuild Assembly

Robust testing, thorough documentation, the proper partner, and a detailed BOM are crucial to the success of your finished product, whether you’re working with an off-the-shelf enclosure or a custom component. Carr Manufacturing Company’s diverse array of ahead-of-the-curve custom box build assembly services will help you make the right decisions at each of these common pain points, ensuring the most durable, high-quality, and well-tested product possible, no matter the application. For more information about our custom box build services, view the industries we work with or contact us for a quote today.

3 Common Issues for OEMs When Assembling a Box Build

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