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Quality Harness and Cable Assembly for Demanding Industrial Applications

March 30, 2016

Quality Harness and Cable Assembly for Demanding Industrial Applications

Cable harnesses and assemblies support a wide range of applications and industries. These assemblies and harnesses can be custom designed and manufactured, to meet the unique demands of each application. This has allowed researchers and collaborators to produce cable assemblies for the most demanding industrial systems and processes such as automation control and drive systems.

How Can Quality Harness and Cable Assemblies Help You?

If the cable assembly fails, it can bring the entire industrial operation to a dead stop. Hence, in order to avoid such situations, it’s critical to ensure reliability of the power systems along with the power cable assembly. Cables in industrial applications can also fail due to exposure to chemicals, heat, or excessive mechanical loads, leading to rupture and premature failure.

This is taken care of by using specialized insulation and jacketing materials to protect the cables against chemicals and heat. Besides, custom insulation is used to make cable assemblies resistant to oil, abrasion, harsh work environments, as well as mechanical stress. These features are in particular demand in food, beverage, and chemical industries.

Beneficial Attributes of Custom Cable Assemblies for Demanding Industrial Applications

Cable assemblies and wire harnesses are engineered with the following key attributes to withstand environmental extremes and mechanical abuse:

  • Flexibility: Flexibility makes handling and routing the cables easier during the installation process.  Flexible cable assemblies are less vulnerable to damage from bending. Unique stress-free cable assemblies are useful in installations requiring tight bend radius.
  • Resistance: Cables assemblies with PVC jacket are ideal for applications that expose the cable to oil and moisture. Materials such as ABS and other plastic compounds are used to produce cable assemblies that are resistant to extreme temperatures and abrasion.
  • Durability: Cable assemblies meant for industrial use must pass rigorous mechanical tests in order to ensure robustness, reliability, and longevity. This helps avoid premature failure of the cable assembly, which can become a costly and time-consuming affair in case of system breakdown.

So, if are looking for cable assemblies and wire harnesses with these attributes, contact a custom cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer today.

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