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  1. What to Look for in a Box Build or Panel Supplier

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    Carr Manufacturing Company Inc. is a women-owned corporation based in California. Since 2006, we have been a leader in manufacturing and providing custom box build assembly services to clients in a variety of industries. As a premium box build supplier, uur team works closely with customers to create custom solutions to meet their unique needs!

    5 Considerations When Choosing a Box Build Supplierbox build assembly

    Before selecting a box build assembly service, consider these five factors.

    1. Technical Capacity

    Select a company that fits the box building assembly services that you need. Not every manufacturer can assemble multiple circuit boards with delicate wiring systems, but you may not need a supplier with such complex capabilities. To avoid overpaying a high-tech provider for a simple box build or contracting a low-tech provider for a complicated one, review each company’s technical capacity first.

    2. Production Capacity

    Each manufacturer has a limited capacity for the number of projects they can produce. Decide whether you need a sample prototype or a large volume of box builds, and then choose a company that can effectively meet your needs.

    3. Testing Capabilities

    Also consider the testing that your control panel will require. Some manufacturers may only offer a visual inspection while others can perform more rigorous testing on your box builds.

    When issues arise, the supplier should be able to troubleshoot to find the best solution. A common issue like sourcing an enclosure can be remedied by performing a soak test or stress screen of the product. Other assessments include boundary scans, in-circuit tests, and flying probes.

    4. Expertise

    Look at the company’s record for providing excellent customer service, communication, detail orientation, and efficiency. Check that they have years of experience in manufacturing products for your intended application and industry.

    5. Budget and Timeline

    Know the company’s lead time before you sign a contract, and have a budget set before the project begins. Also make sure the company’s box building assembly services can keep up with an increase in demand as your company grows. This ensures that you won’t need to restart the process of looking for new box build supplier in the near future.

    Box Build Assembly Services by Carr Manufacturing

    Carr Manufacturing Company Inc. provides box build assembly services to clients in major industries, such as telecommunications and aerospace. Each custom build box is unique, requiring a complex system of electrical and mechanical parts with specific regulations and guidelines. CMC’s experts work carefully to perfectly design a panel build that meets your needs.

    Our process begins by meeting with the client and designing a proposal. Once the client has approved our proposed box build, our experts will create and submit a prototype for approval. CMC then begins the control panel assembly process and delivers the finished product to the client when the process is complete.

    Learn more about CMC’s rigorous testing process and top-quality electrical panel assembly services by reviewing our case studies online. If you are ready to start your box build assembly project, contact us today.



  2. Which Industries Rely on Box Build Assemblies?

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    Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a women-owned corporation specializing in custom assembly solutions. We provide electro-mechanical and box build assemblies at competitive prices that are fully customized according to our customers’ needs. Our electronic manufacturing services deliver the best circuit performance for our clients while integrating electronic devices.

    Box Builds and Electro-Mechanical AssembliesWhat Is a Box Build?

    A box build is the process of assembling various electrical and mechanical components into one integrated system. A box build assembly is a comprehensive process that can involve multiple steps, ranging from system design to assembly and testing. The process of assembling varies according to the specific application.

    Generally, the process begins with installing sub-assemblies and any other desired components, followed by completing cabling and wiring before finally producing an enclosure. After the assembly is completed, the next steps involve system testing and software installation. After everything is properly configured, the box build is ready for packaging and shipping. The total length of time to complete this process depends on the specific application.industrial box build assemblies

    The Key Industries That Rely on Box Build Assemblies

    When beginning a box build, there are certain factors that should be considered. Important information such as a bill of materials, any 3D or CAD models, and the desired dimensions of the final unit are all important details that can help speed up the production time and assist in the assembly process. Whether your design is simple or complex, it’s always a good idea to provide as much precise data as you can in advance.

    There are many industries that require box builds. Although the applications may vary greatly from one another, the process of collecting the necessary information and completing the build remains largely the same. Some of the most common industries that use custom assemblies and their applications include:

    • Medical: The medical industry uses box build assemblies in applications relating to medical equipment and various types of clinics. For example, they are used in creating mobile diagnostic stations, ophthalmic systems, obstetrics tools, and surgical robots. They are also required for radiological and other types of medical imaging equipment, and patient monitoring equipment.
    • Automotive: The automotive industry has to produce many smaller parts which can benefit from the use of box build assemblies. Headlights, batteries, windshield wipers, power door locks, and brake lights are just some possible applications. Air conditioning systems, ignition systems, and power windows also use this assembly type.
    • Military: The military uses box build assemblies in the production of weapon systems, tactical equipment, system control devices, as well as custom testing fixtures. Similar to the automotive industry, the military also relies on these assemblies in vehicle production, such as in armed robotic vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and combat vehicles.
    • Defense: The defense industry may use custom assemblies in producing artillery and missile systems and multi-caliber individual weapon systems. It also uses box builds for avionic controls and gauges, as well as in vehicles such as combat aerial vehicles and utility helicopters.
    • Aerospace: The aerospace industry utilizes many complex electrical systems that rely on box build assemblies to facilitate the optimal performance of electrical systems. For example, navigation systems, cockpit instrumentation, communication systems, flight simulators, as well as in-flight entertainment systems all require box build assemblies.
    • Electronics: Within the electronics industry, there is a broad selection of applications for box builds. These can range from home security systems and data transfer devices to automation systems. There are also many applications involving touchscreen point of sale systems and flat panel displays.
    • Agriculture: The agricultural industry utilizes lots of heavy-duty machinery and technological systems that benefit from customized assemblies. Harvesting equipment such as threshers, water lifting equipment, and mobile spray or soil maintenance systems are all possible applications. Additionally, systems such as grain analysis and grain leveling and dispensing also use box builds.

    There are a number of applications for box build assemblies. To get started on a box build assembly for your needs, contact us today. To learn more about what we do, check out our blog.