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Oil & Gas Cable Assemblies

Oil & Gas Industry


Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc. (CMC) understands the requirements of the oil & gas industry thoroughly. The importance of a mission and the need for it to succeed relies to a great extent on the quality of the cable assemblies used. CMC provides specialized oil & gas cable assemblies that are manufactured in accordance with the needs of the requisite applications.

As a leading manufacturer of cable assemblies, CMC provides the oil and gas industry with the foremost products. Oil and gas cable assemblies are used to support demanding data and power volumes. This can be accomplished with the use of high quality cable assemblies provided by us. Our cable assemblies provide reliable support for all communication and process control systems. Our cable assemblies and custom wire harness ensure reliable oil extraction procedures as well.

Oil & Gas Cable Assemblies from Carr Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Oil & gas cable assemblies provided by CMC are of the highest quality. Some of the features of these cable assemblies are:

  • These cable assemblies are ruggedly designed to counter the harsh environments of an oil well. Hence, they are extremely durable.
  • These cables are corrosion resistant and can handle high temperatures. They are also chemically resistant, which is important in oil and gas applications.
  • The oil & gas cable assemblies are designed to easily connect and disconnect. Hence, quick installation and repairs are possible.
  • The material used to manufacture oil & gas cable assemblies is such that it can be cleaned easily or is self-cleaning in nature. Hence, maintenance effort is low and safe and hygienic conditions are maintained at all times.
  • These cable assemblies are crush resistant and can be used in challenging subsea environments.

In case you require it, we can also provide RoHS-certified and UL-listed products. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and products. By utilizing innovative thinking and state-of-the-art equipment, our team of engineers and technicians ensure delivery of quality products. Two of our production facilities are located in North America to allow for quick deliveries. We provide a wide range of standard and custom solutions to all wire and cable assembly needs. Please feel free to contact us at +1-949-716-1840 or click here for more contact information.

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Oil & Gas Cable Assemblies