Factors to Keep in Mind When Designing & Ordering Custom Cable Assemblies

custom cable assembly
Cable assemblies comprise the most important part of any electronic application. Hence, it is important to choose the right cable assembly. When designing or buying custom cable assemblies, it is essential that all possible scenarios and working conditions be thought of prior to placing an order. This will allow you to choose a cable assembly that is the perfect fit and works at maximum efficiency. Placing the Right Order The following factors should be taken into consideration when placing an...

4 Major Areas Where Medical Cable Assemblies are Vital

Medical Cable Assembly
The medical industry requires specialized cable assemblies to manufacture devices and equipment of several types. They are an indispensable component used in the assembly of diagnostic equipment and imaging systems to sophisticated surgical robots. They are available in a wide range of specifications for applications across several areas of the health care industry. This blog is meant to familiarize you with the four major areas where medical grade cable assemblies are indispensable. Applicati...

Aerospace Grade Cable Assemblies Ensure Reliability in Application

Aerospace Cable Assembly
Aerospace grade cables are utilized to support critical applications in several industries. They are designed to withstand demanding application conditions.  Custom aerospace grade cable assembly can be used in applications that require the cables to be manufactured to a certain standard. These cables are used in extreme environments. Durable materials are used to manufacture these cables to increase their resilience to unfavorable factors. Custom cable assemblies for the Aerospace industries c...

FAQs – Cable Assemblies for the Automotive Industry

Cable Assembly for the Automotive Industry
When it comes to the automotive industry, cable assemblies, otherwise known as wiring harnesses, are of paramount importance. As a customer of automotive cable assemblies, you might have several questions pertaining to these cable systems. This blog attempts to answer a few of the frequently asked questions. General FAQs Answered! The following are the general questions about the automotive wiring harness assemblies. What are the challenges faced by automotive cable assembly manufacturer...

Developing an Electro Mechanical Assembly: Blunder Omission

electro mechanical assembly
Developing a custom electro mechanical assembly requires attention to detail. The process of designing may need to be perfected before the product goes for production. Those involved will have to ensure that the product is up to par when it is produced. This can be easily accomplished by developing prototypes and conducting thorough performance tests. How to avoid Blunders? 2 Steps One Shouldn’t Skip when Developing an Electro Mechanical Assembly The following steps will help you in pro...