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4 Tips to Cut Costs in the Cable Assembly Process

February 26, 2016

Custom cable assemblies are an important factor to consider in most industrial projects. Designing a custom cable assembly is a time consuming process. This can have a huge impact on the finances of the project. While quality is always the first priority, there are some ways in which the expenses of the design and manufacturing processes can be reduced. Read to know more.

Important Documentation Required

Before we look at the cost saving suggestions, there are two important documents that need to be reviewed:

  • Bill of Materials List: This list allows you to analyze the various materials that are used in the assembly. It can be used as the starting point for cost savings.
  • Specifications List: Having this list will allow you to inspect every material and component of the cable assembly. It can easily help you find certain areas where cost savings can be done without compromising on the assembly’s quality.

Cost Saving Suggestions

With the above mentioned documents, you will find it easier to consider the following points.

  1. Choose the Right Raw Materials: Raw materials such as labels, connectors, shrink tubes, etc. are usually ordered in bulk by the assembly manufacturer. He then has to understand the best combination of raw materials that will support the assembly’s performance. This can result in high time and money expenditure. Rather, it would be wiser for the manufacturer to decide on the materials beforehand, and then order a shipment.
  1. Choose the Correct Connectors: Different types of connectors are used in cable assemblies. The way the connectors are installed in the assembly, whether crimped or hand soldered, will have an impact on the cost. Understand the transmission characteristics that the assembly is required to handle. This will allow you to choose the right connectors and thus save costs.
  1. Saving Costs with Wires: Many times, costly wiring, which may not actually be required, are used to create cable assemblies for applications. Wiring is chosen based on the certifications it adheres to (UL, CSA, AWM, etc.). By ensuring the certification for the application is correct, it will be easy to find the right wires, and thus, create a certain amount of savings.
  1. Cable Conductors: A rule of thumb when concerning conductors is that the smaller the connector, the less costly it will be. However, the small size should not hinder the transmission of electricity. Also, the conductor strands should be chosen based on the needs of the application. The number can be small but should meet application requirements. The overall cost will reduce due to this.

By keeping the above points in mind, it will be possible for you to create a decent amount of savings from the cable assembly manufacturing operation.

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