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Cable Assemblies in Military Applications

September 3, 2015

Cable Assemblies in Military Applications

Military Specification (MIL-SPEC) cable assemblies are designed to provide benefits of reliable performance and durability in demanding applications. The success of military equipment depends a great deal on the high signal integrity provided by the assemblies.

Supporting Military Applications :

MIL-SPEC cable assemblies can support personnel and equipment in various military applications. Here are a few examples:

  • Soldier Worn Systems: Many devices are worn by soldiers on the field. Cable assemblies can be designed with elastic materials, which allow the cables to be stretched when worn outside military gear. They can also be integrated into the protective armor and clothing. Various RFI shielding options can protect the devices, while maintaining high signal strength in applications with contaminants such as sand, water, and dirt.
  • Aviation: For military and aviation applications, cable assemblies are designed with high temperature wires and custom connectors. They can be constructed out of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, rather than heavy metallic components. The connectors can comprise a simple click design for installation and removal.
  • Defense Vehicles: Vehicles like cars and trucks endure immense stress on the field. For such applications, connectors can be optimized to be lightweight and small in size. The result of this would be an increase in application space, without adding to the weight of the vehicle. Waterproof cables can be used to ensure that the vehicles do not shut down when travelling in rain, or passing through water-filled areas.
  • Communication: Military communication requires the most amount of protection, as they are used in a wide number of settings. For this application sector, cable assembly manufacturers offer material choices such as beryllium copper, tinned copper, carbon fiber, PVC, HDPE and Teflon. Custom connectors can be designed using overmolding process for improved protection. A few common applications include radios, Push-To-Talk (PTT) systems, and interconnecting headsets.

MIL-SPEC cable assemblies can prove to be extremely useful in a variety of military applications. The right choice of material and design, can lead to the manufacturing of reliable and durable products.

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