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Why Custom Power Cords are Important

February 17, 2016

Why Custom Power Cords are Important

If you look around your home or office, you will realize that every electronic appliance has a different power cord. Why is the power cord so important? Why should it be given so much attention? Let’s find out.

The Benefits of using Power Cords

Customers may not realize it, but using custom power cords can provide many benefits and even prevent accidents.

  • In workshops or storage space, using a power cord can eliminate the use of live wires.
  • Power cords can eliminate the need to transport power cables in large lengths for external work and equipment.
  • In factories, workers are generally given standard cords to customize and use. The customization process leads to wastage of wires, plastics, and insulation. By providing custom power cords, the workers have the exact cord they require for their work, and the wastage is eliminated.

Custom Power Cord Applications

Here are some of the common applications where custom power cords are used.

  • Temporary Lighting Applications: Custom power cords are useful in applications and events where lighting may be used temporarily. They can be used on external work sites, such as mining and drilling sites. Examples of commercial applications include weddings, open air concerts, and political party rallies.
  • Custom Wiring Applications: Power cords are the perfect solutions for environments where there is a necessity to use custom wiring. If wires are going to be placed underwater, or in high temperature environments, it would be wise decision to go in for custom power cords. They can address specific needs, while reducing any risks during operation.

These are the reasons why custom power cords should always be considered for industrial and commercial applications. Contact your wire and cable assembly manufacturer. He can provide you information on power cords for your application.

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