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Why is it Beneficial to Get an ISO Certification?

February 4, 2016

In the cable manufacturing business, accreditations have become an important part of ensuring product quality and marketing one’s business. As more companies are emerging in the cable manufacturing industry, it makes sense to set oneself apart with accreditations.

Benefits you can gain from ISO 9001 Certification

While many companies may not be certain, applying for ISO 9001 certification can provide a variety of advantages to cable assembly manufacturers. Here are some of the reasons why this certificate is important.

  • Enhanced Image and Credibility: ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard. As a cable assembly manufacturer and supplier, having an ISO 9001 certification can assure customers about the quality of your design, manufacturing, and delivery processes. This is particularly important if you are working with many public sector organizations, or offshore customers. Thus, ISO 9001 certification can enhance your image and improve your credibility as a manufacturer.
  • Improved Process Integration: The process approach of ISO 9001 helps an organization to find and make improvements in various aspects like efficiency and cost savings. This is done through analysis and eliminating wastage of time and resources. This will result in better process flow, which will lead to increased efficiency, fewer errors, and improved cost savings.
  • Better Decision Making: Once the ISO process approach has been completely integrated, organizations will find it easier to make decisions that will increase efficiencies and cost savings. All decisions related to materials, designs, choice of manufacturing machinery will be made based on data and evidence. Also, the entire process will be continually monitored to make further improvements. Thus, the company owner can see the results based on the data provided.
  • Improve Employee Work Processes: For the ISO approach to be integrated completely, employees will have to be trained for the same. The new knowledge and getting used to the process approach will help streamline the employees’ work, as well as improve the work culture. They will take less time to work on and solve a problem than previously.

ISO 9001 is a good foundation for any organization. It supports companies to take better control of their internal processes. The gains received by implementing an ISO standard will lead to higher cost savings and great organizational success.

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