A Brief Introduction to UL and CSA Cable Flammability Tests

Industrial wire and cable are often used in equipment installed in harsh application areas like oil and gas platforms, military vehicles, manufacturing equipment, etc. In such applications, there are possibility of fires breaking out. Fire is one of the greatest dangers that can damage and destroy industrial wire and cable. To ensure that the wires and cables are protected, manufacturers design the product with flame retardant materials. They also subject the cable through different types of fla...

Decoding the Differences between UL Listed and UL Recognized Wires and Cables

UL Recognized Image
As a customer searching for custom cable assemblies and wire harness, you are probably going through websites of various manufacturers and services providers. When you look at their accreditations, you may find two terms in the list – UL Listed, and UL Recognized. Generally, customers assume that these terms are interchangeable. However, this is far from true. As we realized that some customers are not able to understand the differences, we decided to write this post explaining the two terms. U...

Understanding the Benefits of RoHS Compliance

In cable assembly manufacturing, one of the most important certifications is RoHS. While most understand that it is a manufacturing certification, many customers do not know the details and benefits of RoHS compliance. To pass on the information, we are providing this blog. What is RoHS? RoHS is a European Union (EU) directive, which was adopted in 2003. RoHS itself is an acronym for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. It is mainly concerned with the manufacturing of different types of electr...

Why Custom Power Cords are Important

custom power cord
If you look around your home or office, you will realize that every electronic appliance has a different power cord. Why is the power cord so important? Why should it be given so much attention? Let’s find out. The Benefits of using Power Cords Customers may not realize it, but using custom power cords can provide many benefits and even prevent accidents. In workshops or storage space, using a power cord can eliminate the use of live wires. Power cords can eliminate the need to transpo...

Why is it Beneficial to Get an ISO Certification?

In the cable manufacturing business, accreditations have become an important part of ensuring product quality and marketing one’s business. As more companies are emerging in the cable manufacturing industry, it makes sense to set oneself apart with accreditations. Benefits you can gain from ISO 9001 Certification While many companies may not be certain, applying for ISO 9001 certification can provide a variety of advantages to cable assembly manufacturers. Here are some of the reasons why this...