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Why Choose Mil-Spec Connectors

January 27, 2016

Why Choose Mil-Spec Connectors

The military industry requires specialized electronic equipment and machineries for day-to-day operations. Compared to other commercial electronic products, military equipment is ruggedly manufactured, keeping in mind the adverse conditions in the application areas. They are manufactured utilizing mil-spec components, which exhibit superior performance and reliability characteristics. One such component that goes in the assembly of cables/wires in all the military equipment is connectors.

Should Cable Assembly Connectors be Mil-Spec Certified?

Yes, they should be. Being a crucial component in military electronic devices, cable assembly connectors must be exclusively engineered to work in extreme environmental conditions. Each component used in the assembly must be mil-spec certified. When the assembly is mil-spec certified, the user can be assured of reliable performance throughout its service period.

Besides the cables, the connectors used in the assembly should be mil-spec certified. This is because mil spec connectors provide outstanding mating performance, durability, and minimal contact resistance. In addition, they are designed to withstand extreme shock, exposure, and vibration. Moreover, there is no fire hazard associated with mil spec cable assembly connectors. They are designed to offer high-density contact arrangements in applications where space and weight are prime considerations.

Due to all the aforementioned features, mil spec connectors are preferred for military cable assemblies for use in:

  • Military aircrafts
  • Military communication systems
  • Hand held and vehicle platforms
  • Military ground support systems
  • Military computer systems
  • Electric testing equipment
  • Blind mate applications
  • Unmanned systems

Mil-spec cable assembly connectors are environmentally sealed for applications across a wide temperature range. They ensure long lasting sturdy performance in mission-critical military applications.

You must have now understood why military applications require mil spec-connectors to assemble cables of varying specifications. You can now enhance your search regarding the various styles of mil-spec connectors available and the prominent manufactures leading the marketplace. You can also extend your search on several criteria to consider when selecting the right connector type for your application. All these information will certainly help you now or sometime in the future!

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