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Short Guide for Cable Assemblies

September 23, 2015

Short Guide for Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies are needed in most industries and applications since many processes of an industry depend on high power requirements. A variety of types of cable assemblies is available in the market that can assist in different types of applications. Choosing the right type of assembly will ensure higher levels of efficiency and longer product life.

What are Cable Assemblies?

Cable assemblies consist of several cables, wires, and connectors assembled in a single unit. These assemblies help save space. They also provide the power needed for a particular process that can’t be provided by a single cable. Custom cable assemblies can be produced according to the specific requirements of an application. The voltage, amperage, length, insulation material, etc. can be customized to maximize efficiency. Cable assemblies are available in copper, fiber optic, and several other materials.

Where are Cable Assemblies Used?

Cable assemblies are used where there is need for high power output. It is commonly used in vehicles and computer related products. In the automotive industry, cable assemblies are also known as wire harnesses. Assemblies are produced according to the needs of the industry and application. For example, the cable assemblies manufactured for the military have to be tough and capable of enduring high levels of vibrations. Assemblies used in the aerospace industry should be able to function seamlessly at high altitudes. The assemblies are customized according to these specific requirements. Cable assemblies are used in the following industries and applications:

  1. Industry: Automotive

Application: Wiring of headlights

  1. Industry: Military

Application: Connecting GPS systems

  1. Industry: Aerospace

Application: Providing reliable connectivity of navigation systems

  1. Industry: Medical

Application: Powering HVAC systems

How can you Procure Cable Assemblies?

Cable assemblies can be procured easily from most distributors. If you are looking to build a custom order, you can speak to an experienced manufacturer who will guide you with the details. You can communicate your requirements and the manufacturer will provide you with the appropriate cable assembly.

Custom cable assemblies are extremely useful when the equipment or machinery being connected requires specialized cables. Customized cable assemblies provide extreme reliability. With wires designed in accordance with your voltage output and required input, there is lesser scope for shorting of wires. Hence, understanding the needs of your equipment, your current electrical input and output, and other requirements will help you in correctly determining the cable assemblies needed for maximum efficiency of equipment.

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