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Why Choose Mil-Spec Connectors

The military industry requires specialized electronic equipment and machineries for day-to-day operations. Compared to other commercial electronic products, military equipment is ruggedly manufactured, keeping in mind the adverse conditions in the application areas. They are manufactured utilizing mil-spec components, which exhibit superior performance and reliability characteristics. One such component that goes in the assembly of…

Testing Your Cable Assembly for Intermittents

Intermittent problems are the most troubling issues that affect the performance of cable assemblies. Most of the cable assembly users simply buy cable harnesses and use in applications without even ensuring that they are electrically tested. Cable assemblies, like any other components are prone to manufacturing defects, which in turn lead to intermittent shorts and…

5 Steps for Complete Obsolescence Management

In today’s fast-paced world, one of the fastest moving markets in terms of new products and designs is the electronics industry. Due to the fast pace, and continual changes, there is always a risk of components and products becoming obsolete. There can be many reasons for this – the technology can change, consumer trends may…

Cable Assembly Marking Importance and Methods Used

Cable assemblies are marked with company logos, brand names, serial numbers, date codes, or bar codes for several reasons. The labeling enables easy identification and fast product traceability. The aforementioned information can be created anywhere in individual cables of the assembly, for example, at the beginning, at the end or middle as per customers’ requirements….